Our History

Housing Solutions, Inc. (HS) was founded in 1980 as an affordable housing development organization. There were plans to close HS and in 2004 the board appointed two new directors—Eric Friedman and Terry O’Bryant in place of the previous board. In 2006, HS added two board members and changed its name to Housing & Community Solutions, Inc. (HCSI) and expanded its mission to include community and economic development.

Our past projects include:

St. Louis Social Compact Drilldown- HCSI acted as a co-chair, facilitator, and manager on this project that provided better demographic data for underserved communities in St. Louis City and County. This created a baseline of accurate data to track neighborhood change and demographic shifts.

26th Ward Walkability Workshop: HCSI collaborated with the current alderman at the time, Frank Williamson, to create a Walkablity Workshop and walking tours to residents of the 26th ward. Dan Burden, one of Time Magazine’s 2001 Six most important civic innovators in the world, provided the community with a written report summarizing findings from the workshop.


Winston Churchill Apartments: HCSI secured a $500k AHAP grant to rehab of the worst properties in St. Louis, with 300 policy calls one year. This 102 unit apartment building received one of the St. Louis Landmark’s Most Enhanced Awards for 2009.


You can visit the Our Projects page to learn more about what our organization has become and where we’re going.

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